Election Management

Resources :

LINK : Commissions on Elections (COMELEC) official website
PDF :  COMELEC Rules of Procedure (COMELEC: 1993)
PDF :  Philippines: Voter Registration Case Study- Consideration for a new voter registration system for Ukrain (Development Associates: 2006)
PDF :  Advancing Reforms in Philippine Election Administration and Management: Toward a Comprehensive Approach (Final Project Report)- IFES (2006)
PDF : Case Study Report on the Philippines 2010 Elections: Implementing and Overseeing Electronic Voting and Counting Technologies (IFES) 
IFES and NDI conducted case study research in the Philippines to examine the country’s experience and lessons learned from the use of electronic counting technologies in its elections.
PDF : Philippine Automated Election Obserview
PDF : An Institution Reformed and Deformed: The Commission on Elections from Aquino to Arroyo (Cleo Calimbahin: 2009)
PDF : Towards a Systematic Analysis of Automated Election in the Philippines: A Review of the 2010 and 2013 Elections (SPARK: 2013) 
This paper reviews the implementation of Automated Election System in the Philippines During the 2010 and 2013 elections. It adops “Electoral Risk Management” framework to identify strengths and weaknesses of the current automation of elections in the country. In the end, the paper argues for a more systematic approach in asessing automated elections in the Philippines emphasizing a framework that will manage and/or mitigate the risks inherent in automated elections.
PDF : Developing Political Parties in the Bangsamoro: An Assessment of Needs and Opportunities (The Asia Foundation: 2014) 
Peace negotiations with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in the southern Philippines have led to agreements that include the establishment of a new “ministerial” (parliamentary) form of government for an autonomous region. Given that political parties are notoriously weak in the Philippines as a whole, there is a need for special efforts so that genuinely principled parties in the Bangsamoro can help hold the regional government accountable to its constituents. This assessment of the potential for political party system development can be used to inform design of future programs to support party strengthening activities as an integral part of the peace process.
PDF : Political Finance data for Philippines (International IDEA)
PDF : Political Power and Party-List System (University of the Philippines: 2013)
PDF : Political Party Switching: It’s More Fun in the Philippines (Asian Institute of Management: 2014)

Vote Counting Management 

PDF : Examples of Laws and Regulations
A manual of the counting process including how to determine the validity of votes, the announcement and proclamation of results as well as the mechanism for dealing with complaints.


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