Civic and Voter Education

Voter awareness is an important factor to conduct an election in a free, fair and impartial manner. Willingness of the eligible persons to be registered as voters and their participation in the voting process are important ingredients for a sound democratic process.

Right from enumeration work for registration of voters to the time of casting of votes at the Polling station, efforts are made to make people aware of their right of franchise and the importance of the exercise of this right. The Election Commission undertakes voter education programmes on democracy and various aspects of election through different news-media, cinema slides, Radio and TV. The Mass Communication media, Department of Films and Publications also play significant roles to educate voters on their right of franchise and the method of casting votes. The Election Commission also arranges through the Divisional and District authorities including Thana administration meetings/rallies with the electorate, representatives of political parties, local elite and people of all walks of life for creating awareness about democracy, the right and value of franchise.

The public awareness campaign also includes a series of poster campaigns. Rallies and processions are organized to mobilize public support for free and fair elections. Special events like folk songs and drama are also organized by local volunteers.

Non-government organizations are also encouraged by the Election Commission to conduct voter education programmes with the materials (posters, slides, films etc.) developed by them highlighting the importance of vote, the right of the voter, functions of the legislature, responsibilities of the elected representatives to the electorate etc.

The underlying idea of voter awareness programmes is to ensure large-scale participation of citizens in the choice of their representatives so that establishment of a representative and responsible government is ensured.



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