Media and Elections

In Bangladesh, the media play a vital role in publicizing various issues relating to election.Press in general is in private sector, while radio and television is under government control. The Election Commission carries on briefing of the media on regular basis so that people are informed of all developments. Problems, difficulties and complaints which are highlighted in the media are attended to promptly by the Election Commission on priority basis.

The media also play an important role in educating the voters on the importance of their votes and also the need for their active participation in the electoral process. The Election Commission maintains close and regular contact with the media seeking co-operation for balanced, non-partisan news coverage and editorial views encouraged to offer constructive suggestions for improvement of the overall election environment and to express views impartially before and after the polling. On the other hand, the Election Commission also conduct voter education programs through mass media including radio, TV channels. posters, rallies and by providing security cover both stationary and mobile, on the polling day.

The Election Commission takes care to see that the state-owned newspapers and electronic media like radio and television provide balanced and objective news coverage of contesting political parties. In this behalf clear guidelines are prepared and issued for strict adherence, covering also speeches of the political party chiefs and interviews over radio and television.


PDF : Broadcasting Act

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