Voter Registration

The eligible voters in Bangladesh is not less than 18 years old. The steps in voter registration involves as follows;

(1) A statement in the prescribed form is obtained by the enumerator from each eligible voter through house to house visit.

(2) Each statement is verified by the supervisor who has to certify to the effect that the entries have been verified or corrected after house to house visit.

(3) The draft electoral roll is thereafter prepared on the basis of the statements and published by the Registration Officer after verification of entries to the extent of at least ten percent through house to house visit by an authorized officer together with a notice inviting claims or objections. The period of lodging claims and objections is fifteen days.

(4) Each claim or objection is to be addressed to the Revising Authority appointed by the Election Commission for this purpose and presented to the Revising Authority or the Registration Officer or the Assistant Registration Officer.

(5) Notice for hearing of claims or objections is to be issued by the Revising Authority and served either personally or by post. Claims and objections will be heard and disposed of after considering verbal or written objections or holding inquiry or summary inquiry, if required.

(6) The decision of the Revising Authority is final.

(7) The Registration Officer, after incorporating necessary changes in the draft electoral roll, publishes the final electoral roll in the prescribed manner. Even after final publication of electoral rolls, there are provisions for amendments, i.e. correction, inclusion or deletion and revision of electoral rolls in the prescribed manner. Updating of the electoral rolls is thus a continuous process.

Amardesh, Electoral System (Rules and Regulations),

Resources :

PDF : The Registration of Electors and the Electoral Roll (Amardesh)
PDF : Voter Registration Form (Bangla)
PDF : Voter Registration Form (English)

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