Voters Living Abroad

In Bhutan, under the Election Act of Kingdom of Bhutan 2008, it allows these following persons to do ballot voting:

(a)  Diplomats and persons working in the Embassies of Bhutan abroad;

(b)  Any person on special government duty who is for the time being residing

outside Bhutan for the performance of the duty;

(c)  Members of the Armed Forces of Bhutan;

(d)  Any person on election duty;

(e)  Civil servants;

(f)  Students and trainees;

(g)  The spouse or dependent of a person referred to in sub-sections (a) to (e), if the spouse or dependent is ordinarily residing with him/her; and

(h)  Any other group of voters as specified by the Election Commission in consultation with the Government.

In 2013, overseas voters living in the United States of America, mainly in New York, could exercise their rights via postal voting. This facility did not extend to those working in other countries.


Election Act of Kingdom of Bhutan 2008, votes/.

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