Civil Society Participation

Civil society organizations in Cambodia can be categorized into a few main groups, such as the traditional associations, modern community-based organizations, non-government organizations, trade unions, youth organizations, and other categories.

The CSOs in Cambodia have long been involved as election observers and advocates. After the 2013 elections, the CSOs tried to propose electoral reforms, which may improve the quality of the electoral process. In addition to advocacy for electoral reform, CSOs could play an essential role in promoting and advocating for deepening democracy through constitutional reform. They can include the voice of ordinary people from across the country, apart from discussions only between the parties. After this 2013 elections, a civil society umbrella organization, the Electoral Reform Alliance (ERA), also released a comprehensive report on widespread irregularities during the poll.

As in Cambodia, 70% of its population is under 30 years of age. Youth organization plays an important role in addressing particular concern issues to young people and building young people’s capacity to contribute to social development. They are involved in social development issues, volunteerism, youth participation in political and democratic processes, networking, and advocacy.

Currently, the CSOs are being restricted by the NGO law introduced and applied to curtail freedoms and groups’ rights to assemble and protest.


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