Election Management

The creation of the National Election Committee (NEC) was provided in the Law on Election of Members of the National Assembly (LEMNA). The national assembly elections shall be administered by the NEC, which shall be independent and neutral in carrying out its duties.

The NEC was created to conduct the 2nd National Assembly Election in 1998, which became an independent Electoral Management Body (EMB). It is composed of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and seven members. Four members are selected by the ruling party, for members are selected by the opposition party with seats in the national assembly and one member is selected with consensus from both ruling and opposition parties. It is given the responsibility to plan, organize and manage voter registration and the elections in the country—the election of the Senate and the members of the National Assembly, and the sub-elections such as the election of the Commune/Sangkat Councils and the election of the Capital/Provincial councils and Municipal/District/Khan Councils.

It is also the duty of the NEC to interpret and enforce the electoral laws and other related laws; to register the political parties, decide on their legitimacy and provide service to all registered political parties; to audit the bank accounts of political parties when necessary; and to educate citizens, particularly the voters.

Resources :

LINK :  The National Election Committee (NEC) Official website
PDF :  Code of Conduct for Election Officials
PDF:  Voter Registration and Elections in Cambodia: Key Findings from an IFES Public Opinion Survey (IFES: 2012)  – IFES conducted a survey of voting-age adults in Cambodia on voter registration and elections. This report contains key findings on knowledge and opinions on the electoral process, experiences with and opinions on the voter registration update, and attitudes and opinions toward women in politics.
PDF :  Pre-Election Technical Assessment: Kingdom of Cambodia (IFES: 1995)
PDF :  Key Findings: Knowledge and Opinions of Electoral Process in Cambodia’s Pre-Election Period (IFES: 2013)
PDF :  Report on the Voter Registry Audit (VRA) Cambodia 2013 (NDI)
PDF :  Election Calendar 2002
PDF : Comfrel’s Report on Irregularities in Voter List Revision and Voter Registration (2007)
PDF :  Cost of Registration and Elections: Denis Truesdell

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