Resources :

Link: Pemilu API website: Indonesia Election Open Data Project – Pemilu API website contains 5-ready-to-use categories of data: 1) candidate profiles, 2) geographic data, 3) Election FAQs, 4) election news feed, and 5) Information about current members of House of Representatives, as well as their election budgeting report.
PDF : Campaign Finance Reform in Indonesia: What and How to Reform? (Muhammad Rizqy Anandhika)
PDF : Vote Buying and Voting Behavior in Indonesia Local Election: A Case in Pandeglang District (Ali Nurdin: 2014)
PPT : Photos from mock elections in 2003 (CETRO) – Photos from 2003 mock election provided by CETRO for for the 2004 Presidential election in Jakarta, Indonesia.
PPT : Photos from 2004 Presidential election (1ST & 2nd round) – Photos from 2004 Presidential elections (1st and 2nd round) in Jakarta, Indonesia.
PDF : Indonesia Backgrounder: A Guide to the 2004 Elections (ICG: 2003)
PDF : Opportunity for Electoral Reform: Election Administration (IFES: 2001)

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