Civic and Voter Education

Malaysia has no legislation governing voter information. Such information about delimitation, registration and elections are made available to the voters through the electronic media and publications. Civic education is a part of the school syllabus in every school, but at the moment, it does include voter education. However, steps are being taken to introduce voter education as part of civic education in schools.

The Election Commission increased activities of voter education among the electorate, especially during the period leading to a general election, through the electronic and print media, the civic assemblies and the publicity and information materials prepared by the Election Commission.

The Bar Council initiated the MyConstitution campaign since 2009. It has been educating urban youth on federal constitution and voting rights to encourage the youth to value the Constitution and to value their citizenship as Malaysians.

There are many CSOs that play important roles in civic and voter education. Some of them have produced educational materials in a few different languages in other to reach all the ethnics living in Malaysia, as follows:

LoyarBurok (LB), a non-governmental organization (NGO), that provides an online platform for various social issues and civic education. It launched its centre for constitutionalism and human rights office which, it said, will act as a launchpad for its voter education drive.

UndiMsia! is a first-of-its-kind civic education program, aimed at strengthening the ownership, participation and representation of youths on their right to vote and civic responsibility. Its goal is for youths to develop critical thinking and solve issues affecting them through effective forms of activism. Projects under UndiMsia! are designed based on four pillars; information, process, action and platform for a coalition of civil society.

The PRLB is a community center run by the Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (MCCHR). The center provides a conducive and safe space for youths to engage constructively and discuss and educate themselves about civil, political, economic, social and cultural issues.


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