Voters Living Abroad

Under the election laws, only four categories of Malaysian citizens living aboard are allowed to cast their votes as “Absent voters”, and defined in general terms as “registered voters living outside Malaysia”, which includes the military personnel, public servants, full time students and their spouses, who may cast their votes in the high commission or consulates in the countries they live in.

In the 2018 general election, voters living abroad (except for Singapore, Kalimantan, southern provinces of Thailand and Brunei) are allowed to register as postal voters. The ballots were mailed by the EC directly to the voters at their overseas address. After marking the ballots, the voters have to return the ballots in envelopes to the Returning Officer in their respective constituency by any means before the poll close on the polling day.

However, the postal voting received heavy criticism as the campaign period during the 2018 general election was 11 days and there was no enough time for the voters living abroad to return their ballots to the country on time.


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