Civic and Voter Education

Elections Commission is constitutionally mandated to “to educate and create awareness among the general public on the electoral process and its purpose “, under Article 170 of the Constitution and Section 21(g) of the Elections Commission Act. The Election Commission tried to raise awareness among voters using a variety of media about electoral procedures, including the need to ensure proper registration within the prescribed time frames. The Human Rights Commission and civil society groups also raised awareness among the electorate.

According to the report from Transparency Maldives, the EC discussed with public broadcasters to conduct voter education as there were about 30,000 new voters in 2013 Elections. The voters needed more awareness on assistance to elderly voters, registration process, ID card requirements (such as ensuring IDs were not expired) and civic responsibilities to ensure informed choice of representatives.

Maldives does not have a civic education component in the school curriculum, educating young voters was specifically identified as a priority.

The Election Commission of Maldives received support and assistance from international organizations such as UNDP, and Transparency Maldives on voter education program before 2013 Elections.

UNDP assisted the Election Commission to launch the nationwide voter education program, workshop for voter education massaging with political parties, media and local NGOs.

Transparency Maldives carried out a voter education program focusing on elections and democracy, importance of informed choice and the negative impacts of vote buying.

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