Election Management

The establishment of the Elections Commission of the Maldives was provided by the Constitution. It is an independent body that is given the responsibility and duty with regards to matters relating to the election.

Its duties and responsibilities include:

-Conducting, managing, supervising and facilitating all elections and public referendums

-Ensuring the proper exercise of the citizens’ right to vote

-Prepare, maintain and update electoral rolls

-Holding and declaring the results of the elections and referendums

-Compiling the register of voters in each constituency

-Registering political parties and concerning itself with other matters regarding political parties

-Educating and creating awareness among the electorate concerning the electoral process.

The need to establish an independent Elections Commission was recognized in 2004 when reforms were called for to further strengthen democracy in Maldives. Previously, elections were managed by the Commissioner of Elections under the Ministry of Home Affairs and later under the President’s Office. In answer to the reforms, the independent Elections Commission of Maldives was established on August 7, 2008.

Constitution of Maldives

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