Election Monitoring

Transparency Maldives (TM) is the only domestic observer organisation with a long-term observation methodology in the Maldives. The organisation produced a comprehensive pre-election assessment on all relevant aspects of the election process which also comprised a number of recommendations. Representatives of TM also took part in meetings of the National Advisory Committee. On Election Day, TM deployed the highest number of domestic non-party observers (over 300) who observed voting and counting in all atolls and conducted a quick count exercise based on a statistical sample.

In 2008, thirteen NGOs engaged under the umbrella of the Transparency Maldives and they provided volunteers for the observation in the first round of Presidential Elections. In 2013,Transparency Maldives’s election volunteers consist of diverse groups of people including school principles, teachers, nurses, and youth. All were trained and screened to ensure they are independent and nonpartisan.



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