Government Structure

The Maldives is a unitary, democratic republic based on the principles of Islam. Its constitution acknowledges that that all powers of the State are derived from and remain with its citizens.

All the powers of the State of the Maldives are derived from, and remain with, the citizens.

All legislative power in the Maldives is vested in the People’s Majlis.

As provided for in this Constitution the executive power is vested in the President.

The judicial power is vested in the courts of the Maldives.

The executive

a) The executive power is vested in the President as provided for in the Constitution and the law.

(b) The President shall be the Head of State, the Head of Government, and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

(c) The principles of governance of the State being determined by this Constitution, the President shall uphold, defend and respect the Constitution, and shall promote the unity of the State.

(d) The President shall exercise Executive authority as provided for in the Constitution and law.

The President shall hold office for a term of five years and no person elected as President pursuant to this Constitution shall serve for more than two terms in office, whether consecutive or otherwise. The President shall be elected directly by the people by universal and secret suffrage.

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