Legal Framework

The Constitution, electoral laws, rules and regulations serve as the legal framework for the conduct of election in the Maldives.

The Constitution contains basic provisions with regards to the citizenship, right to vote and run for public office, conduct of the general and presidential elections as well as the creation of the elections commission.

Other legal instruments used concerning electoral matters include:

-Elections (General) Act, which provides the general policies and matters that the Elections Commission has to make arrangements for and conduct the elections as specified under the law and the Constitution.

-Presidential Elections Act, which provide the conduct of elections to appoint a person for the post of the President.

-Parliamentary Elections Act, which provide the procedures and other matters relating to the election of members to the Parliament.

-Elections Commission Act, which provides the functions, duties, powers, composition and qualifications of members of the Elections Commission.

-Regulations for Parliamentary Elections 2014

-Presidential Election Regulation 2013

-Local Council Election Regulation 2013

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PDF : Constitution 2008

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