Participation of Minorities

Maldives ratified the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2010. Out of 393,253 population, of which 58,988 or 15% are population with disability according to the World Health Organization’s estimation.

In 2013, Maldives introduced the electronic voting technology for the Presidential Election. Electronic voting is expected to provide improved accessibility for disabled voters.

Voters with disabilities – blind persons or persons unable to place a mark on the ballot paper due to poor eye sight, and voters who have difficulty holding a pen due to a physical disability, old age, weakness and health conditions – may be assisted by a person who is also registered to vote at the same ballot box, as long as this is approved by the head official at that ballot box. A person who can provide assistance may only do so for one voter, and will be required to provide their name, address and national identification number.


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