Voters Living Abroad

Maldivians living abroad are able to exercise their franchise outside the country since 2008 Presidential Election. According to the Presidential Election Regulation, diplomatic missions in locations with a minimum of 100 registered persons had to make provisions for Maldivian overseas voters to vote in the first multi-party system polls. This year, the overseas polling booths were set up in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Singapore.

In 2013 Presidential Elections, there were 5,608 registered overseas voters. the overseas voting were organized in 6 locations, 5 countries: Sri Lanka –Colombo (two booths, one for 2,096 voters, and another for 1,078), Malaysia- Kuala Lumpur (1,085 voters), India- Thiruvananthapuram (857 voters), New Delhi (125 voters), Singapore (144 voters) and U.K.- London (223 voters). In all international locations, polling booths were opened at 7.30 am Maldives time.


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