Government Structure

Government and Administrative Divisions

Mongolia is a unitary, independent, and sovereign State in the form of a republic.

The President is the Head of State and embodies the unity of the people of Mongolia. The President shall be directly elected by the people. The President is also the Commander­in­Chief of Armed Forces.

Executive Branch

The Government of Mongolia is the highest Executive Branch of the nation. Executive Branch is comprised of the Prime Minister and members of the Government under the chairmanship of the President. The Prime Minister shall be appointed by the State Ih Hural with the proposal made by the President on the candidature for the post of the Prime Minister. The members of the Government shall also be appointed by the State Ih Hural. The Government shall carry out the State laws and promote economic, social, and cultural development of the nation.

Legislative Branch

Mongolia has the unicameral Parliament system: the highest Legislative Branch is only the State Ih Hural (State Great Assembly) which is comprised of 76 members. The members of the Stae Ih Hural shall be directly elected by the people. Procedures of the election for the members shall be regulated by law.

The Judiciary

Mongolia has an independent judiciary comprised of the Supreme Court, Aimag and capital city courts, Soum, inter soum, district courts. Other courts such as criminal, civil and administrative courts shall be formed as necessary. The structure and activities of courts shall be prescribed by law.

The Supreme Court is the highest judicial body heading the judicial power of the country. The Supreme Court shall be comprised of the Chief Justice and Judges. The President shall appoint the Chief Justice and the Judges of the Supreme Court and other courts on recommendation to the State Ih Hural by the General Council of the Court that works for the independence of the judiciary.

The Constitutional Tsets shall function as a Constitutional Court, exercising supreme supervision over the implementation of the Constitution. The Constitutional Tsets shall be comprised of 9 members who shall be appointed by the State Ih Hural on the recommendation of three of them by the State Ih Hural, three by the President and last three by the Supreme Court.

Local Administrative Units

Local Administrative Units in Mongolia is the Aimags and a Capital City. Aimags shall be divided into Soums and Baghs, while a Capital City shall be divided into Districts and Horoos.

The Self­Government in Aimags, Capital City, Soum and District shall be the Hurals (Assemblies) of representatives of the citizens of respective territories. It shall be the General Meetings of citizens in Bagh and Horoo. The members of Hurals in Aimags and the Capital City shall be elected for four­year terms. The memberships of the Hurals in Soum and District, those in Aimags and Capital City and the procedure of their election shall be regulated by law.

Governors shall exercise the State power in Aimags, the Capital City, Soums, Districts, Baghs and Horoos. Candidates for the Governors shall be chosen by the Hurals in these divisions. In Aimags and the Capital City, the Governors are appointed by the Prime Minister. In Soums and Districts, the Governors are appointed by the Governors of Aimags and the Capital City. In Baghs and Horoos, the Governors are appointed by the Governors of Soums and Districts. They all serve for four­-year terms.

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