Media and Elections

In Mongolian Electoral related law, media’s duties and freedom of expression has been stipulated in these following laws:

-Electoral Law of the State Great Hural of Mongolia

-Law on Public Elections

-Presidential Election Law

-The Law on Elections of Citizens Representatives’ Khural of Aimags, the Capital

-Electoral Law of the State Great Hural of Mongolia stipulates that the central and local mass media should report and provide information correctly and objectively.

During the pre-election campaign, The Mongolian State radio and television should equally treat each party, coalition, and constituency in terms of free service, duration, and opportunities as conducting agitation and propaganda by parties, coalitions and independents. If campaigning through State Radio and television at hours other than established by the General Election Committee, parties, coalitions and independent candidates concerned should pay for the service but the payment should not exceed 50 percent of the average advertising fee. There is a prohibition to engage in propaganda calling to refuse participation in the election or for any action that violates the election law, and to misuse religious belief and traditions for election propaganda.

The law also guarantees that the candidates of the parties and coalitions and independent candidates should have the right to explain their election programs freely, express their viewpoints and publicize their policies through the press and information media.

During the counting of votes, observers and representatives of the electors and the press and information media may be present during the process.

In Mongolian Presidential Election Law, State and public press organs and mass media have obligations to inform the public without delay of preparation for and result of the election, and the information reported must be true and correct. The election campaign has to be stopped prior 24 hours before the polling day. Every candidate must have equal opportunity and time for providing free of charge election campaign in state owned broadcasting, TV, newspapers and magazines. In case of providing election campaign in state owned broadcasting and press out of times than established by the general election committee, the expenses must be paid.


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