Voter Registration

The voter registration process in Mongolia is administered by the State through local government. Voter registration for Parliamentary Elections is conducted by the local-level Citizen’s Registration and Information Service (CRIS) that is attached to the aimag and capital city governor’s office. The local CRIS compiles the preliminary register from the land registers that are maintained in the offices of the bagh, soum or aimag governor.

The CRIS functions were established under the 2007 Law on Election to the Parliament, and were intended to remove voter registration from the direct control of the bagh, soum and khoroo governors. The local registers are transmitted by the CRIS to the State Citizens’ Registration and Information Center (CRIC), which in turn consolidates the registers and presents them in duplicate form to the GEC at least three months prior to Election Day.

The lists are subsequently reviewed by a Division Election Committee (Polling Station Committee) which must verify and sign-off no less than 20 days prior to Election Day, and then make the lists available for public scrutiny no less than 15 days prior to Election Day.

Once the Division Election Committee (Polling Station) has received the register of voters, its members verify accuracy by cross-checking with the residence/land registry, and/or conducting door to door checks. Corrections may also be identified by voters themselves, who then request that the changes be made by the polling station. Corrections to the voter register are processed manually by a Polling Station Committee member who adds new voters, deletes deceased and/or ghost voters, and corrects for transfers and other editorial changes. The amended register is then displayed for public scrutiny.

Amendment of the Law on Election to the Parliament (December 26, 2007) required that beginning with the Parliamentary Election in 2008, the GEC was required to post the voter register on its website, and thereby permit political parties and coalitions to verify names across all election districts. Individuals were also provided access to their own data, which they could confirm for accuracy and correctness.

Voter registration for the presidential and local elections differs little in practice from the Parliamentary Election. The source of data for the preliminary voter register is again derived from the land register that is maintained in the office of the bagh, soum or aimag governor. However, in these instances, the governors transmit the registers to the Polling Stations.


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