Resources :

PDF : Developing Relations: Political Parties and Civil Society in Myanmar (NOREF: 2014)
PDF : English-Myanmar Grossary of Democratic Terms
PDF : Burma’s April Parliamentary By-Elections (Michael F. Martin, Congressional Service Research: 2012)
PDF : The Significance of Burma/ Myanmar’s By-Elections (Asia Pacific Bulletin, East-West Center: 2012)
PDF : State and Region Governments in Myanmar (MDRI-CESD and TAF: 2013)
PDF : Elections and Political Transition in Myanmar (Princeton University: 2015) – This report was prepared by a group of graduate students at Princeton UnivAersity’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, as part of the policy workshop Managing Elections in Fragile States. The report shows Myanmar’s preparation for national elections in 2015 against global best practices, as well as recommendations for election management.

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