Election Security

On Election Day, three hours before voting begins and up to its end, any activity intended to disturb or which disturbs the duties of election personnel, or any activity around the public house, building or land designated for polling, or around the private house, building, or land designated for polling, or in the vicinity surrounding the site designated for polling, is considered to be disturbing the peace.

The following activities may be considered to be disturbing the peace:

  1. Use of loudspeaker/megaphone or any such instrument.
  2. To play or make others play musical instruments, conduct a dance program, or conduct any type of gathering or ceremony which involves noise or crowds.
  3. To explode or use weapons or poisonous gases, or carry explosives in the vote counting places or surrounding areas (security personnel exempted).

Candidates, political parties, and political workers are highly involved in elections. Without their commitment to conduct elections peacefully, it is impossible for the voters to participate in a secure manner. Therefore, each political party must play the following role in secure voting:

  1. Nominating upright and capable candidates.
  2. Appointing a voting representative who is knowledgeable about election law and familiar with the voters.
  3. Discouraging party workers from creating disturbances and restricting them from casting fake votes or engaging in violent activities.
  4. Punishing people involved in election crime instead of protecting them.
  5. Not influencing the police administration unlawfully.

A voter can help in the following ways:

  1. By standing in line at the polling station on Election Day.
  2. By not destroying the ballot.
  3. By informing the security officer when somebody tries to vote by impersonation.
  4. By informing the security officer if someone is carrying weapons at the polling station.
  5. By restricting/banning the sale and use of alcohol near the polling station.
  6. By informing security personnel about suspected violence, especially in areas near international borders.

A candidate can help in the following ways:

  1. By assisting administrative and security forces.
  2. By instructing one’s workers to vote peacefully.
  3. By discouraging undue discussions or quarrels with opposition candidates and their supporters.
  4. By not providing food or alcoholic drinks or other intoxicating substances during the polling period.



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