Voter Registration

The Election Commission of Nepal is responsible for voter registration. The registration is fully based on technology and biometrics. ECN has the following features/provisions for voter registration:

  • Voter registration is continuous throughout the year,
  • Nepalese citizen aged 16 or above can register their names in the voter roll in all the 75 District Election Offices and District Administration Offices and voter registration mobile teams as announced by the Commission. However, to be eligible voters, they have to be at the age of 18 or ¬†above.
  • Citizenship certificate is required document for the registration,
  • Special registration programs are also conducted depending on the need assessment,
  • Name list of registered voters are integrated and de-duplicated in the central server in the ECN headquarters and segregated data is distributed to the District Election Offices,
  • The matured data, after undergoing all the processes including verification, claims and objection, is produced as the voter roll.
  • Voter’s Identity Card is produced and distributed on the basis of the voter roll.



Register to Vote, Election Commission of Nepal, 2013,

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