Media and Elections

Candidates or their election agents are required to declare to the Returning Officer the particulars of every Internet election advertising (IEA) platform on which election advertising is or will be published by or on the candidates’ behalf during the campaign period, which starts with the close of nomination proceedings and ends on the eve of Polling Day. In addition, candidates or their election agents need to declare to the Returning Officer whether they are using paid IEA, and if so, provide further information on the type of services used (e.g. advertisement on a social media platform, blog advertorial within a website); the publisher of the paid IEA, the period that the paid IEA will appear; whether money was received for the placement of the paid IEA from the candidate, his election agent, his political party or any other person. They must submit their declarations via the Candidate Services. The first declaration must be sent to the Returning Officer within 12 hours after the start of the campaign period. Thereafter, a declaration must be submitted to the Returning Officer at any time before the election advertising is published on any additional platform during the campaign period, by or on the candidate’s behalf.


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