Voter Registration

A register of electors is a list of all qualified electors belonging to the electoral division that the register relates to. There is one register for each electoral division. Electoral divisions (also called constituencies) are areas within Singapore demarcated for the purposes of elections. There are two types of electoral divisions in Singapore: the Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs) and Single Member Constituencies (SMCs). The registers of electors are prepared based on the electoral divisions.

The registers of electors are compiled from records kept by the Commissioner of National Registration by applying the eligibility requirements as of a prescribed date in accordance with section 5 of the Parliamentary Elections Act (Cap. 218).

The eligibility requirements are:

  1. Citizenship: Must be a citizen of Singapore (holder of pink NRIC);
  2. Age: Must not be less than 21 years of age; and
  3. Residence: Must be ordinarily resident in Singapore.
  4. Not disqualified from being an elector under any prevailing law.

A register contains, amongst other things, the following:

particulars of every qualified elector of the electoral division concerned;

  1. the elector’s serial number; and
  2. the code of the polling district (which is a sub-division of the electoral division) that the elector is residing in, according to his NRIC address.

Singapore citizens may check their particulars in the registers in the following ways:

  1. Online at the Elections Department website here;
  2. At community centers/clubs (with NRIC/passport);
  3. At Singapore overseas missions that serve as overseas registration centers (with NRIC/passport); and
  4. At the Elections Department office (with NRIC/passport).

Revision of Registers of Electors

According to section 14 of the Parliamentary Elections Act, the Prime Minister may require the Registration Officer to revise the registers of electors from time to time. However, the registers shall be revised not later than 3 years after every general election.

In revising the registers of electors, the Registration Officer shall enter the names of all persons who are qualified to be electors in the appropriate registers. After the registers of electors are revised, the Registration Officer shall give notice that the registers have been revised and are open for inspection.

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