Women Participation

It is provided by the Constitution that the number of women to be elected among the members of the Legislative Yuan shall be described by law. In the other types of election, the number of women shall be fixed.

The electoral law stipulates 73 seats of the total 113 seats in the Legislature are to be elected through the first-past-the-post system in single-member constituencies, while 6 seats are elected by Aboriginal voters through a single non-transferable vote in two 3-member constituencies. The remaining 34 seats are legislator-at-large seats (including overseas compatriots), which are voted nationwide and calculated using the largest remainder method. For these 34 seats, the Civil Servants Election and Recall Act holds that ‘the quota of women electees of each political party list shall not be less than 50%. Within the quota of women electees distributed to a political party, if the women electees determined by distributing the quota in accordance with the sequence in the list of candidates are less than the due quota of women electees, the women candidates ranking behind in the sequence shall have the priority to be elected.’

At the local level, a proportion of one in every four seats is reserved for women. The seats reserved for the indigenous population also follow the same provision. If the elected women did not reach the prescribed quota, a separate calculation shall occur for the votes of the women candidates to be elected in the electoral district, and the women who acquired the comparative majority of votes are elected subsequently.

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