Election Monitoring

Election Commission of Thailand has stipulated a regulation on Election morning and code of conduct for private organizations on Election Monitoring since 1999 .

In the Organic Act on the Election Commission B.E. 2550 (2007) has stated in Section 25:

“Any private organization wishing to assist in the performance of functions of the Election Commission with respect to the inspection of an election, or to take action under Section 10 (14), shall submit an application to do so to the Election Commission. After the Election Commission has completed the review of the application and is of the opinion that the private organization is politically impartial and is capable of performing such duties, the Election Commission shall have the powers to certify such a private organization [to assist in the inspection of an election].

In each election, the Election Commission shall have the powers to appoint a representative(s) of the private organization certified under Paragraph One to assist in the inspection of an election and to report to the Election Commission if such representative should find that the election has proceeded in a dishonest and unfair manner or contrary to laws.

The rules and procedures for applying for certification, for certification revocation of certification, the performance of a private organization, the support, and the evaluation of the performance of such private organization shall be in accordance with the regulations prescribed by the Election Commission.”

Regards to domestic election monitoring group- Pollwatch was established in 1992, to monitor the general elections scheduled for March of the same year. Its objectives were to create a free and fair electoral process and to support the expand citizen participation in the 1992 elections. Initially a non-government organization, Poll watch grew to become a government-funded entity which utilized tens of thousands of volunteers across the country in each election to help draw attention to election irregularities, particularly the practice of exchanging money for votes, so as to discourage such practices. Today, Pollwatch is a very visible organization which is heavily involved in the movement to reform the electoral system. Pollwatch became an independent organization after the 1997 constitutional reforms and no longer receives support from the Ministry of Interior.

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Pollwatch Master Trainer Seminar, NDI, 1999, https://www.ndi.org/files/239_th_pollwatch.pdf


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