Voters Living Abroad

1. Qualifications of Overseas Voters

1.1 Being of Thai nationality; provided that a person has acquired Thai nationality by naturalization must hold the Thai nationality for not less than 5 years;

1.2 Being not less than 18 years of age on 1 January of the year of the election;

1.3 Being listed in the house registration of an electoral area not less than 90 days before the election date.

1.4 Having a residence in foreign countries and registered for overseas election.

2. How to register for the Overseas Election?

2.1 Register by yourself at the nearest Royal Thai Embassies/ Royal Thai Consulates- General (in case of overseas registration) OR contact District Registration Centres/ Local Registration Centres (registration in Thailand)

2.2 Get the registration form from Royal Thai Embassies/ Royal Thai Consulates- General/ District Registration Centres/ Local Registration Centres or download the form from Send the filled form to the nearest Royal Thai Embassies/ Royal Thai Consulates-General by post or by facsimile or by writing a letter of power of attorney for a person to register for you, with attachment of a photocopy of your personal ID (listed in No.3) along with the filled form.

3. How to vote? A qualified voter must show one of the following personal IDs or its photocopy on the day of election at Royal Thai Embassies/ Royal Thai Consulates-General;

  1. (1)  Thai ID card OR
  2. (2)  Thai Passport OR
  3. (3)  Photograph ID (which shows 13-digit Thai citizen number) issued by Thai Government/ Thai Public Companies/ Thai Independent’s Authorities[i]

Votes can be casted in person or by postal ballots. However, the postal voting is allowed only in countries where the number of registered overseas voters is less than 500.

The voting is arranged normally 6 days before the Election Day in Thailand.[ii]

Source :


[ii] Henry S. Rojas, A Comparative Study of the Overseas Voting Laws and Systems of Selected Countries, A Development Associates Occasional Paper in Democracy and Governance No. 17 in the series


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