Electoral System

East Timor holds elections for following governing organs;

the President of the Republic 

the members of the Parliament

the Chief Executives of local public entities such as Suco (Villages) and Aldeia (sub­villages)

the members of local public assemblies such as Suco and District (Municipal) Councils

For elections, East Timor uses following electoral methods:

The Majority Vote 
Under the Majority Vote method, people vote for a favored candidate and the candidate who obtains more than half of the valid votes shall be elected to office. If no candidates get more than half of the valid votes, a second vote shall take place only by two candidates who obtained the highest votes.

The Proportional Representation Vote
Under the Proportional Representation method, people vote for their favored party and the seats are distributed to each party depending on their proportion of votes to total votes in each constituency.

For the election of the President of the Republic, the Majority Vote is used as an electoral method.

For the election of the Parliament that consists of 65 members, the Proportional Representation is used as an electoral method. There shall be only one single constituency for the election of the Parliament.

Even though the elections for the Suco Council have taken place, the election for the District Council have been postponed due to the debate over decentralization and local government.

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